Sairme - Balneological-climatic resort in Baghdati municipality. It is located on the northern slope of Meskheti ridge. In the valley of Tsablaristskali. 950 meters above the sea level, 25 km from Baghdad. The climate is mild. He knows the short winter (the average temperature in January - 1,0 ° C) and moderately warm summers (the average temperature in August is 17.0 ° C). Number of precipitation 900 mm per year.

The first sources of water in Sairme are from the 90s of the 19th century. For the first time the hunters noticed the deer's place in the forests of Imereti, Eristavi. The people who have been wounded by water have been found by the waves of the water. The source came from the rusted stones, and around it all turned salt. The deer's joges were carrying salt and water. That is why Sairme is called.

 The shepherds also paid attention to the place and found another unusual thing - about three km away from the source of the deer, the grass was always green at one place. Snow did not sink, and the land was dry in a few minutes after the rain. The secret of the "magic" field in the 20s took place when the geologists found hot mineral water in the depth of land.

 Sairme is a sanatorium, leisure and spa clinic. Season - May-November.

 Sairme has an opportunity to receive 150,000 tourists annually. The resort is linked to Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park from the south-east. The relatively small resort area is located near Sairme.





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