Sighnaghi is one of the most distinguished places in Georgia, where the ancient monuments are protected. It is located in the capital of Georgia - just 117 km east of Tbilisi, which was always in the center of events. The ancient monument of the monument - the monumental fortress founded by the famous King Erekle II in 1772 is very extreme. Twenty-two towers and seven gates create a city wall that stretches 4.5 km and includes other medieval monuments in the city. Uniquely tiled architecture perfectly fits the Sighnagian landscape.

Georgia is the cradle of wine, for millennia the oldest traditions of winemaking were developed and developed in Sighnaghi and its surroundings. Sighnaghi is an ideal place for its rich varied hotels and guest houses to capture the rich wine of Kakheti. Georgia boasts more than 500 varieties of grapes - more than anywhere else in the world. In Kakheti, many villages have their own unique species, but the most common is: Rkatsiteli, Kakheti Green, Khikhvi, Kitsi, Saperavi. Recent updates have brought Sighnaghi to the attention of the tourists - a lot of educational tours, modern recreational facilities, delicate kitchen and wonderful wine.

On the horizon north of Sighnaghi, the snowy covered mountain range, and south of the Alazani Valley is a breathtaking view. Sighnaghi's surroundings are rich with pleasure. The most interesting among them is the fortress mounted on the hill of Khonabuji with a fence and a turret tower, a whole network of underground tunnels, as well as the monastery of the Khirsa 14th century bell tower and the old wall painting in Ozani. Early Christian archaeological excavations prove near the Nekresi, Cheremi and Gurjaani. However, Georgian mythology is often mentioned by well-known fighters looking for gigantic cliffs, hidden beauty in the fortresses. The Caucasus is surrounded by dense slopes and is surrounded by a natural beauty named Kakheti, Georgia's pearl. Surrounded by the snowy peaks of the North, along the fertile valley of the Alazani River, the flourishing landscape is characterized by the abundance of fruit, though there is no doubt that grapes are tens of thousands of varieties. Kakhetian wine does not equal its peacock to the curious rivers of the Caucasus Mountains and is a source of inspiration for many famous Kakhetian songs.

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