Kvareli is located in Kakheti, on the left side of the river Alazani. On the right side of the river Duruji lies the Kudigori ridge to the west of Kvareli, where the main character of one of Ilia Chavchavadze's poet lives in the Kaka Robbery. The main river is the Arteria River Alazani. West of Kvareli Duruji, and east of the river. Bursa.


One of Kvareli's natural attractions is the "big stone". It is located in the north of Kvareli. `The barracks area, the river. On the left bank of Duruji. The stone weight is 160 tons, it is brought from the river. Duruji during the 1889 flood.

The Ilia Chavchavadze State Museum is located in Tbilisi. In the center of Kvareli.


The Kote Marjanishvili State Museum is located in the center of Kvareli.

 Prominent director and Georgian theater reformer Kote Marjanishvili was born on June 9, 1872 in Kvareli.

Marjanishvili's contribution to the development of Russian theatrical art is not only impossible. In the two-storey house, where Kote Marjanishvili was born, since 1959 he has a memorial museum of great director.

Kvareli Fortress - Str. It is located in the center of Kvareli. It is built in the XVI-XVIII centuries.

Cylindrical towers are in the square prisons of this square. The towers of the north and west are semi-circular, rectangular to the east. The gate is placed on the lower floor, with three towers in the fortress. The fence in some places, in some cases, is three-dimensional. The fortress is built on the stone's stone, where the brick is used. The tower does not have any artistic decoration, only the rings and crosses brought by bricks on the entrances. There are pedestrian paths inside the fortress walls.

Kvareli wine cellar is a cave building. The mountain, in which the tunnel is cut, is called proximity. It should also be noted that the first tunnel of the tunnel is linked to the turbotation hall. It is a very original architectural structure. Its foundation is on the rock tones, the hall is wide and comfortable. In the middle of it is a tasting table. Its interior is beautiful and light.

Kindzmarauli wine was especially famous for the Kintzmarauli wine factory. It was located in Kvareli wine cellar. Many international competitions and symposiums have won the wines and cognacs in Kvareli region. The Kindzmarauli Factory has watered the wine that has been in the Kvareli Wine Cellar for years. It was next to the Cognac bottling factory that praised the famous Georgian brands of Gremi and Language.





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